April 2013


Seeing the Chocolate for Chocolate, but not its form!

A couple weeks ago, just before Easter, I took a long lunch and wandered by Berlin’s branch of Galeries Lafayette, the French department store. It’s actually quite convenient to my office and since I had forgotten to prepare a dish for a party I was attending, it’s basement boutique grocery store gave me the opportunity to buy something not-German for a German gathering.

Grande BODI noir smarties

I like chocolate men…

While perusing, my eye was caught by this eye-candy—that actually is candy: chocolate mixed with candy (in this case, smarties) and molded into the form of a hunky man. It’s then put in a pair of swimming trunks and in front of a surfboard and then sold to guys like me.

I bought three bars – one for myself and two to give away.

This is where things get interesting for I bought the chocolate precisely because of the form but the women I gave the chocolate to, never noticed the form.

I first discovered this when I stopped by Colleague 1’s office (names omitted to protect the innocent), and she said to me, “Thank you for the delicious chocolate, it was really good! Where did you buy it?” – I told her where and then asked what she thought of the form. It turns out that she, and her office mates, had never noticed that the chocolate was the form of a buff guy. The only thing that they had noticed is that when they broke the chocolate into pieces it didn’t break into equal pieces.

Such is the problem of breaking up a six-pack and nice pectoral muscles.

When I told her that the chocolate had, in fact, been in the shape of a man wearing swimming trunks and standing in front of a surfboard, she was flabbergasted.

After learning this, I decided to buy more chocolate – and when I delivered the second bar, Colleague 1 saw exactly what I meant about the form of the chocolate.

Meanwhile, I’d assumed that Colleague 2 had noticed the form of the chocolate. She’d thanked me for being her Easter Bunny (I’d delivered it anonymously) and I thought nothing more of it until I bought her more of the chocolate.

This time she was at her desk when I delivered it – and I thought I would tell her the funny story about Colleague 1 not noticing that the chocolate had been in the form of a man.

However, as I was explaining what had happened, it dawned on me that Colleague 2 hadn’t noticed the form when eating the first bar of chocolate. She’d thought that the chocolate was Easter specific and had assumed, some how, that the surfboard was meant to be egg-shaped.

I’m not sure what this says about me.

If you want your own, it’s by Sève Maître Chocolatier: Grande BODI noir smarties

Late bonus: I totally overlooked their video.  I find it oddly hilarious!

4 comments to Seeing the Chocolate for Chocolate, but not its form!

  • Well, four years of university French are good for something:

    Man says: I invented this packaging (zees packadjeeng!) which invites you to bite into his body without thinking.

    Woman says: It’s great quality, wrapped in a discreet package which is accessible to everyone.

    The slogan at the end is a loose pun on his name and the name of the product. Sève your body — Save your body?

  • Mateo

    I noticed the chocolate’s form immediately! And I find the packaging very clever.

  • koko

    I agree with Mateo.

  • ian in hamburg — Merci!

    Mateo – of course you would. 🙂

    koko – and I agree with you.