April 2013


A Pervert’s Guide to the Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland

Temporary Invalid once appeared in photos like this.

This past weekend I headed up to Hamburg in order to visit my favorite Temporary Invalid – ideal timing because he was mobile enough to get around, but not mobile enough to escape me.

Given that I’d never actually been to Hamburg’s biggest small attraction, the Miniatur Wunderland. It is a fantastic, gigantic, train display with amazing detail – it goes on forever.

No sooner had I walked into the Miniatur Wunderland with Temporary Invalid (and two others—of fast food fame), than he announced that he’d learned, while taking the behind the scenes tour, that when one looks closely, one can find, as he put it, “coupling.”

The hunt was on – and Temporary Invalid was good at pointing out the fornication in the bushes – loudly.

“Hey Adam, look here, they’re doing it doggy style.”

illicit dalliance

Temporary Invalid spotted this!

This was, I might note, in full earshot of perverts like me, who come with cameras, and teenaged boys, who love the notion of sex in any context. Both times that he announced discoveries, the scenes were immediately crowded with peeping toms.

In the bushes...

This couple was brave doing it so close to a car accident.

Beyond that, Miniatur Wunderland was a ton of fun; the thought put into the displays is astounding and the attention to detail fantastic. The displays are arranged thematically – Switzerland, an amazing airport with planes that actually take off and land, Austria, Germany, and Scandinavia.

Knuffingen Airport

The space shuttle landed at Knuffingen Airport.

Oh yes, and the United States.

Las Vegas at Miniatur Wunderland

Lost Wages, Nevada — during Miniatur Wunderland Night.

Time passes quickly in the Miniatur Wunderland – Temporary Invalid and I were shocked to realize how long we’d been examining the scenery looking not just illicit dalliances but also at many of the other creative details.


Sunbathers in front of their RV.

I’ll be back.


Poor kid… leaving the outhouse with toilet paper attached to his shoe!

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