May 2013


Shetland Islands, First Day

Look, it’s a real Shetland Pony, in the Shetland Islands! Wow!

After checking in, we had a couple hours to spare; ended up visiting the beach.



Exhausted in Edinburgh

Our last day in Edinburgh and we revisited an old friend (the castle), had tea at the Elephant House, and do some wandering in new parts of town. It was great seeing the 1:00 cannon, visiting the Honours of Scotland, and drinking tea where JK Rowling worked.

Everyday day (except Sunday), the 1:00 cannon […]

Scotland, Visiting Edinburgh and Glasgow

I’m just a couple days into a serious vacation – nothing I could get away with calling a “long weekend,” but an honest to go, using vacation days, vacation.

I won’t be back in Berlin for a while – instead I’m in Scotland with a friend. Our adventure starts with a few days in Edinburgh […]

Kiev III: Cossacks

My last full day in Kiev, Katya took me to the Mamajeva Sloboda – a recreation of a 17th century Cossack village located west of the city center. As an idea, it’s great, reminding me of Colonial Williamsburg in concept. In execution, well… it’s a bit more problematic.

The Mamajeva Sloboda, with a few […]

Kiev II: Return to Український національний музей “Чорнобиль”

1:23 (am), when the accident occurred.

Brought to you by Japan.

Man, I sure know how to pick the most cheerful spots in Kiev.

Like last time, back in 2006, I visited the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev. Unlike last time, this time I went alone. Katya spent her Friday supervising workmen in her […]

Kiev, Part 1: День Перемоги

My time in Kiev was meant to be relaxing – insofar as visiting a place with a language that I can neither read nor speak can be relaxing. I might not speak Swedish, but at least I can read the signs and understand if I am going the right direction in a quick glance.

The […]

I need to slow down.

Geesh, I have not had a lot of time to blog lately.

What have I been up to?

Thüringen Bratwurst

I spent a weekend down in Thüringen, one night each in Jena, Weimar, and Erfurt – it was a weekend of visiting many friends and three kids. Unfortunately I only saw two kids because […]

Adam’s Eurovision 2013 Preview Post

Eurovision is shit this year.

Pure unmitigated shit.

Wait – before you give up, hear me out. As most of you know, I’m a Eurovision fan. Perhaps not the most dedicated (I don’t pay attention to within country song selection processes, not even within Germany), but I do buy the music and listen to it […]