May 2013


I need to slow down.

Geesh, I have not had a lot of time to blog lately.

What have I been up to?

Thüringen Bratwurst

Thüringen Bratwurst

I spent a weekend down in Thüringen, one night each in Jena, Weimar, and Erfurt – it was a weekend of visiting many friends and three kids. Unfortunately I only saw two kids because my first train was an hour late, and by the time I made it to Jena, the first child had already gone to bed. C’est la vie – Despite this, I still had a blast visiting friends and eating a bratwurst.

May Day was spent in relative calm. Unlike a lot of other expats in Berlin, I kept a low profile and actively avoided the chaos associated with the day – my main event was going to a picnic with a 4 year old!

Then, last weekend, I escaped to Kiev to visit a friend – and had a great time. The weather in Kiev was brilliant – everything that Berlin was not – warm, clear, sunny. Despite the inherent challenges of visiting Kiev, I managed to have a great time. There will be photos of the trip in due course (I hope Thursday).

When not on these trips, my free time has been surprisingly busy – I missed watching the Eurovision preliminaries tonight because I was out to dinner (May is the start of Americans in Europe season, hence dinner out). Given that I feel more than a bit underwhelmed by this year’s entries, I’m not actually sure that missing the prelims was all that bad.

I’d work on my Kiev photos tomorrow night but I am going to go see the newest Star Trek film tomorrow night – I want to see it while I can and while it is still fresh.

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