May 2013


Kiev, Part 1: День Перемоги

My time in Kiev was meant to be relaxing – insofar as visiting a place with a language that I can neither read nor speak can be relaxing. I might not speak Swedish, but at least I can read the signs and understand if I am going the right direction in a quick glance.

The plan was to stay with Katya at her new apartment and use that as a base to explore the city – unfortunately her new apartment, which was supposed to be ready a long time ago, was a concrete shell, with rooms that will be cozy, but, at least last weekend, were far from move-in ready.

Instead she rented me an apartment in the city center; well located by the golden gate and within walking distance of most of the places I wanted to visit, and, if not, right next to a Metro station.

Ukraine's Soviet History is everywhere.

Ukraine’s Soviet History is everywhere.

Looking back at my photos, it’s rather shocking to see exactly how much I did – too much to cram in one post, so, if all goes to plan, I’ll do it in three.

День Перемоги Celebrations

Equipment troubles – not surprising considering its age.

My first full day in Kiev, May 9th, was a national holiday – Victory Day, commemorating the day that Germany was officially defeated in World War II.

День Перемоги Celebrations

Swoosh! There it is, Nike!

We met up at the parade through the city center – it was a short military focused parade, followed by a military band performance, and a history of the war in song.

День Перемоги Celebrations

Veteran being interviewed during the celebrations.

All-in-all, it was a nice way to mark the end of the war – a war for which there are not very many veterans left.

День Перемоги Celebrations

I wonder if the guy is American or just loves America; front row at Ukraine’s celebrations marking the end of WWII.

We spent the rest of the day wandering through one of Kiev’s parks, pausing for a late lunch, then, meeting one of Katya’s friends, a very relaxed and pleasant walk through the city along a path of art, followed by a very relaxed and pleasant dinner.

Balance Bench!

Cool bench in Kiev.

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