June 2013


Shetland Islands – I was in the middle of something…

Mid Yell

We stopped in Mid Yell for the obvious photo.

Traveling south from Unst to the “mainland” (the Shetland Island’s largest island), one crosses Yell, and past “Mid-Yell” – a shameless photo-opt ensued.

Yell Highway

This was one of the narrower roads that we drove on — not the narrowest. Every so often there were passing points where cars can squeeze by each other. There was occasional backing up in order to get to a passing point.

Further south, while still on Yell, we hiked off to see the White Wife, the figurehead from a ship, the Bohus, which ran aground in 1924. I found the walk in the book, “Walking on the Orkney and Shetland Isles,” by Graham Uney – the same book that guided us to Hermaness.

White Wife

The Wife Wife was the figurehead on the Bohus, a German ship that sunk back in 1924 off the coast of Yell.

Herein is my brief book report: Good starting point, but be cautious. The walk, as proposed, includes a hike along a very steep hillside directly above some rocky shores. I don’t deal well with exposed heights and we ended up hiking back the way we came.

White Wife

The colors of the sky and the grass were really this amazing.

We also stopped at the Old Haa Museum in Burravoe – a charming, petite, museum (most museums here are), where we learned a bit about local history and I picked up a fantastic orange woolen scarf, kitted by A. Robertson. I didn’t get to meet Ms/Mr Robertson, but I certainly appreciate her/his fantastic knitting.

Stream flowing into the North Sea

This stream flows into the North Sea near the White Wife. It’s also a playground…

Shetland Pony on Yell!

Shetland Pony on Yell!

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