June 2013


Shetland Islands – Our Accommodation on the Mainland: Eshaness Lighthouse

Eshaness Lighthouse

The Eshaness Lighthouse was my home for four nights. Next time I’ll make it a week.

Back when we started planning our trip to the Shetland Islands in earnest last summer, the Shetland Islands was not really on our radar – until I picked up the Lonely Planet book for Scotland and read that one could rent an entire lighthouse at surprisingly affordable rates.

Eshaness Lighthouse

The Eshaness Lighthouse as seen looking back from our walk along the cliffs.

Eshaness Lighthouse

That was the lighthouse where I slept!

And thus the Shetland Islands became the center of our trip planning.

Eshaness Cliffs at Sunset

At sunset it was really misty along the shores.


You can see this island in the famous advert for Three (see the bottom of this blog post).

It was with great excitement that we headed toward Eshaness, off the western coast of the Shetland “mainland.”

Eshaness Lighthouse

From a distance the Eshaness Lighthouse pokes up… usually the skies were grey, but hey… I was staying in a lighthouse!!!!

Here’s the deal: The gorgeous scenery comes with the added bonus of staying some in a lighthouse! Making it even better, our first evening in the lighthouse came with a glorious sunset, compete with a flash of green just as the sun finally slipped below the horizon.

Eshaness Lighthouse

The Eshaness Lighthouse tower was our clue that we were coming back home after our walk along the Eshaness cliffs.

The decision to stay in a lighthouse has made this trip completely unforgettable.

View from Eshaness Lighthouse

This was the view from the Eshaness Lighthouse area.

Sunset from the Eshaness Lighthouse

The first night had a glorious sunset!

Green Flash!

We even saw the green flash as the sun set into the ocean.


A sheep walking along a ridge near the Eshaness Lighthouse — from this angle you can also see the ocean behind him.

The lighthouse was featured in this advert for Three, a British Mobile telephone company. The Shetland Pony featured in the advert, Socks, is now at the center of a paternity battle — apparently he’s a real lady’s man.

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