February 2014


Learning English: I’m OK in OK

A couple of months ago, one of my colleagues told me about a book that he’d read in grade 8 English: I’m OK in OK: The Diary of My Year in Oklahoma.

I decided to read the book.

For those of you familiar with the EU ranking of language skills, the book is rated A2 […]

Random Shots of Berlin’s Wedding

I recently picked up a new camera – so new that I ran into a slight problem: my computer’s software doesn’t have the ability to read the camera’s raw output – fortunately I can still take JPGs and the default settings have been fantastic.

Actually, I am rediscovering how much I love Berlin through the […]

So… I had a birthday. And two birthday parties!

It’s hard to believe, but over a week ago I had my birthday – and I had two birthday parties.

The only picture I took related to my birthday parties: cake and pie — two amazing desserts. On the left is a cherry pie (as I recall), and on the right a fantastic chocolate […]

NYT headlines from February 6, 1974

So, following on The New York Times from February 5, 1974, I thought I would share the February 6th cover.

Interestingly, The New York Times failed to cover the most important event to happen on the day before. Shame on the Times.

All grey — color news photography was, of course, in the […]

News from 40 Years Ago, Today — As seen in tomorrow’s New York Times

Cover of The New York Times, February 5, 1974. Late City Edition. 15 Cents.

So, forty years ago tomorrow, the headlines covering today’s news focus on gas rationing in New Jersey, President Nixon offering a budget, and China renewing its Cultural Revolution. Miners in Britain also voted overwhelmingly (81%!) to strike.

There’s also […]

Movies I have seen…

Since November I’ve been to the movies four times – something close to a record for me. Normally I would tell you about the movies immediately, but I’ve been lazy, so you’re getting four updates for the price of one. This will save you from having to read my complaints about movie theaters (too many […]