February 2014


So… I had a birthday. And two birthday parties!

It’s hard to believe, but over a week ago I had my birthday – and I had two birthday parties.

Birthday Cake and Birthday Pie!

The only picture I took related to my birthday parties: cake and pie — two amazing desserts. On the left is a cherry pie (as I recall), and on the right a fantastic chocolate cake. Thanks to my friend F, who baked these just for me!

One of the parties – a “surprise” party that I knew about – was small, intimate, and a ton of fun. Of course my “surprise” party was not the point of the gathering, just a nice sideshow to a gathering of really cool people.

The other party was one that I planned – a celebration of my thirtieth birthday. I realize that it wasn’t my actual thirtieth birthday, but I’ve never actually celebrated my thirtieth, so it seemed only fair to celebrate it a few years late.

It was actually a ton of fun – if not exhausting for me – with 35 guests – plus four kids – a total of 40 people present, if you count the birthday boy.

I’d show you pictures from the parties – but I didn’t bring my camera to either party since I wanted to actually enjoy the parties and not be the obnoxious host snapping pictures of everybody present. And so I let the party sweep over me.

12 Apostel

My tables — waiting for my guests.

It was a Sunday Brunch – Berlin style – with a huge buffet of amazing food at an amazing restaurant (12 Apostel). I started the party alone at 10:00—but I was only briefly alone. Within minutes my friends and colleagues started arriving, and it was in relatively short order that both of my tables were fully occupied.

And despite the repeated “no presents, just presence” edict, I received some lovely presents – thankfully somebody was able to drive me home, or I’m not sure I would have been able to get home without a taxi.

When I’d planned the party, I guessed that it would have lasted until roughly 1pm – but instead the last five guests and I staggered out the door at 3pm. Funny enough, I left hungry – I’d been too busy talking to all of my guests to actually eat more than a bit or two along the way.

Given that I didn’t notice time pass and that so many guests stay for such lengthy times, I do believe it was a good party – and I thank those of you who were able to make it. And I wish the rest of you could have…

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