February 2014


Random Shots of Berlin’s Wedding

I recently picked up a new camera – so new that I ran into a slight problem: my computer’s software doesn’t have the ability to read the camera’s raw output – fortunately I can still take JPGs and the default settings have been fantastic.

Actually, I am rediscovering how much I love Berlin through the new camera. It’s a Lumix DMC-GM1 – whose chief advantage is that it is tiny – like super small. Like my fingers are too big for some of the controls. Hence there is a learning curve attached to the camera—and I’ve had to withdraw from playing with the manual mode all the time–although I do play with manual from time to time.

Last night I went out with @SnookerinBerlin for a photo-walk around Wedding—one of Berlin’s northern neighborhoods. A bit of rain and a sun that had set made it a bit challenging, but I think I managed to do OK.

Schiller Bibliotek

This is the Schiller Library across from Leopoldplatz. I did have to take this one in manual mode– increasing the shudder speed in order to get the individual lights hanging from the ceiling on the left.

Treppenhaus reflected

The reflected light comes from a stairwell at the Rathaus Wedding.


Krössel is a gold jewelry shop located along one of the main streets. It has a great old fashioned look to it.

Fruits for sale

In Berlin the Turkish supermarkets often have fruit displays outside.


Lots of interesting architecture in Wedding — I want to go back in daylight, although this vaulted ceiling was probably best captured at night.

5 comments to Random Shots of Berlin’s Wedding

  • Did you choose a software path for working with raw yet? 😀

      • Well, if you’d ever like to chat about it, I’m full of pros and cons and useful information.

        For what it’s worth, my photo suite of choice is Lightroom. It has excellent raw handling, a ridiculous amount of pre-made filters, and a HUGE userbase which means lots of good information, tutorials and the like out there.

        • I assume that apple aperture will incorporate RAW processing for the camera pretty soon — Lumix isn’t an unknown brand 🙂 In dire circumstances, I can do it through Google Picasa.

          • Aperture already does handle RAW, and they add new camera profiles all the time. When I reviewed Aperture vs Lightroom, I chose Lightroom because of the wider usage base, but also because Apple has a history of changing its mind about supporting stuff and I’m not confident that they’re going to continue to support aperture as they move more toward the ios and living room markets.