May 2014


I’m ready to #JoinUs for Eurovision 2014

Holy Cow! The second semifinals of Eurovision 2014 is tonight – with the finals on Saturday, and I have not mentioned them at all on my blog. Or even on Twitter.

I wish I had a good excuse – but I don’t – I should have blogged about it at some point – somewhere between my Asian trip (blogged) and my trip to Weimar last weekend (a friend’s wedding – my first real German wedding with a lot of lessons learned). I could have even done it earlier this week.

That said, I even missed the first semifinals because I was attending a party – which was thrown during the Eurovision semifinals because… well… I’m not sure. It just was, and I didn’t want to miss the party for any number of reasons.

Enough of the delaying tactics – now for how I feel about the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest songs:


I actually started listening to all 38 songs whilst in Asia – I bought the album from iTunes, put it on my iPhone, and listened. It’s even on my gym iPod – so I’ve been listening there – and after a number of plays (at least a dozen times for most of the songs), I can honestly say that only one has left a large impression on me, with five more sort of catching my attention as being OK, and only one song has negatively caught my attention.

That’s musically speaking.

I haven’t actually watched any of the music videos – other than the one for the bearded drag queen from Austria – to which I can say, the song is entirely forgettable, as is the performer. I think there’s supposed some kind of shock value to his performance of “Rise like a Phoenix,” but I’m neither shocked nor interested. But I’ll put the video here anyway.

Beyond that, the one song that has negatively caught my attention is France’s, which is Moustache. I regret having even glanced at the video just now. Yeech.

Among the five songs that I sort of like: Denmark’s Cliché Love Song

Finland’s Something Better – Which is the song I want to win. But it won’t.

Estonia’s Amazing – I’d be OK with this one winning.

And my favorite, which will not win, is Latvia’s Cake to Bake.

I’m not sure which semifinals these songs are in – only France and Denmark (out of the above) are going to be in the finals for sure, so it may be the case that some of my favorites are already eliminated.

I should find out.

3 comments to I’m ready to #JoinUs for Eurovision 2014

  • OJ

    boooohhhh. I so disagree with you: The Latvia song is just stupid (and voters agree, since it is out). And I think the Estonia and Denmark songs are particularly dull (Estonia is also already out).

    You didn´t like our Dutch entry: it´s country music! (typically Dutch, eh?)

    Anyway, I actually like Conchita Wurst: the performance during the second semifinal was really quite good…

  • I just posted my own Eurovision post. I didn’t care for the Latvian song at all. My favorite so far is the song from Iceland (video on my post).

    I would love to watch the finals in a bar or restaurant where lots of other people are watching, but I haven’t found one, alas.

  • OJ – Congrats to the NL for doing so well. I still don’t remember the song. And as for Ms. Wurst: thrilled she won (fuck you to Russia) but I can’t say I care for the song.