June 2014


And the allergies are off to the races!

It the time of year that I suffer mightily from allergies – I have no idea which plant it is, but the plant took full advantage of the rains late last week to come out and bloom over the weekend.

Saturday I ended up taking anti-allergy drugs. One of the side effects of my anti-allergy drugs is that I get tired quickly and need to take a nap. Nothing like getting up in the morning, taking a pill so that I can breathe and then needing a nap.

My Sunday was miserable: not only did my anti-allergy drug struggle to make a difference, but I had a horrid migraine Sunday afternoon that completely and totally wiped me out. I ended up taking an aspirin and an anti-allergy pill at 1:45 – in the vicinity of my bed. The next thing I knew, it was after 4 and my headache was mostly gone and my allergies were mostly at bay.

In addition to causing drowsiness, my allergy pills are doing a fantastic job of triggering the most bizarre and strange dreams. Most of the times my dreams are strange – I must admit – but in the past week they’ve gone to new heights.

Unfortunately I don’t remember the details of my dreams very often – but I do know that in one of my dreams from last night I was in bed – and somehow my bed was in my office – or maybe my boss’s office – and I was still in bed when somebody came into the office to work. Or something like that. Dreams are hard to understand.

I’m hoping the allergy season passes by quickly this year – it’s earlier than last year, that’s for sure. Last year I was hit hard when I got back from vacation in mid-June.

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