April 2015


Kanayama Shrine – the local penis-venerating shrine of my choice in Japan

I’m spending tonight in Kawasaki, Japan – which means that I’ve skipped the South Korean part of my trip. That will be addressed later.

The reason I am here is that tomorrow morning – Easter in the Christian world – Kawasaki will be hosting Kanamara Matsuri – the festival of the steel phallus.

Yes, that hot cream filled pastry I ate in Taipei is not my only encounter with something that shape.

Although the festival is not until tomorrow, I decided to head out and find the shrine today – when it’s not so crowded and when navigating unfamiliar streets is less stressful.

金山神社 - Street View

Little muscular arms, flexing… or….

The shrine was easy to find – I knew I’d found the right spot when I spotted a row of banners flapping in the breeze, each with what appeared to be a muscular arm flexing.

金山神社 / Kanayama Shrine

Count the phalli in this photo.

Mission accomplished.

金山神社 / Kanayama Shrine

That’s a big one.

金山神社 / Kanayama Shrine

Everything at this shrine is some how related to reproduction, or attempts to reproduce.

The mission to find dinner was more complicated – unlike restaurants in South Korea and Taipei, which either have enthusiastic people willing to try to communicate with you, or English (-ish) menus, I had more trouble tonight. I ended up eating a non-descript meal.

Tomorrow I celebrate the steel phallus and I fly to America.

What a day it will be.

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