October 2015


Four More: Books 76 to 79 for 2015

76: The Bitter Trade by Piers Alexander – This book is hailed as fantastic first novel – except that I think it is incredibly poorly written. It’s an easy, but boring, read about life in 17th century London. I forced myself to finish it because if I hadn’t force myself to do so, it would still be sitting by my bed, taunting me.

77: Defining Marriage: Voices from a Forty-Year Labor of Love by Matthew Baume – The author takes on a history of working toward gay marriage in America. Although the subject is interesting, I find his writing style to be awful. I hate how he introduces the people that he’s interviewing. I hate how he forms sentences. What’s strange is that I was giving him a second chance: I’ve avoided his YouTube channel because I couldn’t take his take on gay marriage news. It turns out my initial judgment about him, at least as far as I am concerned, was right.

78: We are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas – this epic length novel takes on Alzheimer’s disease and its effect not just on the sufferer, but their family: the spouse and the kids. The book itself varies widely: I found the first quarter to be boring. The second quarter was tedious. About half way through, it became interesting and engaging.

79: The First Bad Man by Miranda July – This is a very strange novel about a woman who is slightly off-kilter. Slightly may be the wrong word choice. I’m listing it here, now, even though I am not yet finished because I expect to finish it by tomorrow evening.

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