October 2015


Denver Must Do: American Museum of Western Art – The Anschutz Collection

Downtown Denver has a plethora of museums – with perhaps the best one being virtually unknown: the American Museum of Western Art – The Anschutz Collection.

The museum displays 180 pieces of western art in elegant surroundings across the street from the Brown Palace Hotel (which is probably the finest hotel in Denver, at least by reputation).

Open only for limited hours, this is not a museum you can just walk into, one must reserve your entrance in advance, paying online, and showing up at the appointed hour.

I’d show you pictures, but photography in the museum is strictly forbidden – and to be frank, I think it is hard to do justice to some of the art through photographs of it.

The museum is filled with paints by Bierstadt, Moran, Remington, Mechau, Blumenschein, Benton, and Borglum. But these are merely just a few of the names – with 180 amazing paintings, it is a museum easy to spend a lot of time in.

In a strange way, for me, this museum was a perfect extension of my (recently discovered) love for Kent Monkman: much of his art <strike>steals</strike> borrows from Bierstadt, taking the larger painting and then adding subversive and devious elements to the painting.

It’s well worth visiting – and if you’re a western art lover, probably worth making a trip to Denver just to visit the museum.

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