December 2015


If I had 100,000 US Dollars…

While visiting my Mom, back in October, I visited my favorite Denver coffee shop – the one where the regulars at their group table haven’t changed in over a decade.

Although the regulars were regular, the fact is the coffee shop appears to have lost its edge, and the baristas working in the morning had plenty of time to bullshit – and bullshit they did.

From my perch directly behind the Marzocco espresso machine, my ears were in the prime location to hear all the gossip.

Not that I actually paid much attention until the duo decided to fantasize what they would do if they had $100,000: They agreed that they would open a bar.

From there they started discussing what kind of bar they wanted and what kind of liquor they would stock.

As I sat there, listening, I realized several salient facts: (1) They had no idea how little $100,000 is – it sure sounds like a lot, especially when you’re coming from minimum wage, but in reality, it probably wouldn’t pay for the liquor license; (2) if I had $100,000, I would put it into something safe and boring in the hopes that one day I could retire on it; and (3) my fantasies of what I would do if I were rich are, in comparison, dull.

Thankfully they moved on – a few more customers dropped by and by the time they had time to bullshit again, the topic had changed and I was tuned out.

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