July 2016


My Current Gay Anthems

This coming Saturday is Christopher Street Day in Berlin (for those lacking context: Pride, with the German word for Pride being “Christopher Street Day”) – and while I’m not hugely into attending CSD events (too misanthropic ; plus I’ve never really liked being in huge crowds), I’ll probably watch some part of the parade and take some photos.

Musically, though, I’ve been listening to a bunch of new gay anthems lately. The songs tend to be driven by tragedy – Orlando, for instance.

My favorite of this group is Pulse by Eli Lieb & Brandon Skeie. It’s in heavy rotation, with me actively choosing to listen to it while working roughly twice a day.

I have also put Hands into heavy rotation – it was released just a week ago.

Melissa Etheridge’s Pulse is pretty popular, but it doesn’t have the same impact on me – but it’s worth a gander:

After the Pulse massacre, The Memory Palace put out an amazing episode about the White Horse, one of America’s oldest gay bars. This is an amazingly powerful text, told in the way that only Nate DiMeo can tell stories.

Digging a bit into the past – and other GLBT adventures, comes For the Lost and Brave, a song by Ray Toro. The song was released after Leelah Alcorn committed suicide because her religiously insane parents refused to accept her for being the woman that she was.

And then there’s the Pet Shop Boys remix of Panti Bliss’s speech regarding what it means to be oppressed. The original speech is brilliant; the remix somehow makes it even better.

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