October 2016


My October in a few photos…

I started October in Stockholm, exploring an incredibly beautiful city.


My hotel was near T-Östermalmstorg, a vibrant part of the city. I’d planned to spend Saturday morning taking a free walking tour of the city, but the tour group was excessively large and there was only one tour guide, so I skipped out and found myself on Långholmen, a nice little island.

Långholmen Chair

On Långholmen I wandered around somewhat randomly and found myself climbing one of the hills – and when I got to the top, I surveyed the scene and thought to myself that an object in the distance looked like a chair – and when I got closer, it was. What a fantastic feature.

Taco Truck

Stockholm also amused me – near my hotel was a taco-truck – well, at least a restaurant using a neon taco-truck logo. In light of the presidential race in America, I should have had a taco, but I was never near my hotel when it was time to eat.

After Stockholm, I stopped by Leipzig.

Leipzig Markt

Leipzig is my favorite city in Germany. Or at least after it is after Berlin. It’s hard to explain exactly why – but it boils down to the fact that it’s a compact, walkable, fun city. The fact that I have multiple friends living there adds to it, but I liked Leipzig even back when I lived in Weimar.

Then, last weekend I took a walking tour of Berlin as seen by refugees – specifically Neukölln.


The tour took just about two hours and was a bit rough in orientation. We started at Shaam, supposedly the favorite restaurant of Syrian refugees in Berlin – or at least of our tour guide and his friends. I learned a lot from the tour, but it was, at best, disjointed – there was a story to be told, but it ended up being muddled.

An Old C&A in Berlin

We even got to see one of the refugee shelters – at least the outside of it. Perhaps the first time I’ve looked at the exterior of a C&A department store and not been immediately repulsed by the contents.

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