July 2017


Flashing back to Vancouver at Ostkreuz.

Two Construction Workers standing on top of a roof at Berlin Ostkreuz

Yesterday I was out at the Ostkreuz train station – a part of Berlin that I rarely visit because it’s not really between home and work. It’s not actually a place worth avoiding, rather my commute and regular habits really do not involve heading that direction.

But I was out there to meet somebody. The area is a bit messy because the Ostkreuz train station is under construction, with lots of fencing, a lot of incomplete structures, and a lot of dust.

So I as I emerged from the station, I happened to look up and notice that a couple of construction workers were standing on top of some structure, surveying the crowd. I immediately had a flashback to one of my first trips to Vancouver, British Columbia.

While there, I was walking past a construction site when a couple of workers came out and started walking in front of me. I did not object: these men were incredibly attractive in that muscular, hard hat, skin showing, let me lick the sweat from your body kind of way.

Needless to say, my walking pace matched theirs as they made there was down the street, and I was rewarded with one of my favorite overhead things – this hunky construction worker was telling his buddy that he liked downtown construction sites.

“After work, at the bar, there are all these hot women in business suits and they all want to fuck.”

In my mind, the guys surveying the crowd were talking about the people they could pick up – although upon examining my photo more closely, one was checking something out on his smartphone, while the other was vaping.

Actually not all that different from what people at my office do when taking breaks.

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