July 2017


CSD 2017 – Before the Rain

A man painted in the rainboy colors, wearing green underwear, holidng a sigh, "Oh happy gay"

Rainbows abound at CSD

Saturday was CSD / Gay Pride / in Berlin. One of my work colleagues joined me for the parade; we got there maybe 15-20 minutes too late to get the perfect seats, but it was good enough and as the parade went by, I got claim the spot I actually wanted – standing on top of the crash barrier next to Klieststraße.

Sign that says, "If Harry Potter taught us anything, it's that no one deserves to live in a closet!"

A thoughtful thought about Harry Potter and closets.

The first three hours of the parade were perfect: perfect weather, perfect floats, perfection.

A man in a knitted rainbow dress!

Fabulous Dress!

But there were clouds gathering and at 3 hours in, the rain started getting serious – we fled to stand under a nearby store’s awning, where we waited for a good 15-20 minutes watching the city get drenched. There were some very wet boys coming down the street, shirts sticking tight to their chests.

Man in black leather police outfit, with a white tie.

I doubt he’s a real police officer.

After the rain let up, we headed back to our neighborhood, where we cozied up with warm beverages and light nibbles. While we were warming up, at least two more serious storms pummeled the great outdoors. Then, when it paused again, we paid and went home. The three minutes to her door were fine. The next 90 seconds, between her door and mine – the umbrella came out again.

Man in a white dress with an enormous circumference.

this is more beautiful that i can explain.

I must say that one of the greatest feelings in this world is that moment you remove your feet from wet socks.

Young man offering Free Hugs!

One of many young men offering free hugs!

Just thinking about it reminds me how good it felt.

A huge set of angel wings!

What a fabulous look!

Not that I need to repeat the experience again any time soon.

The full photo set can be seen on my Flickr, here.

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  • While I’m not the target audience for Pride, having experienced it in a number of places, Germany will always be at the top. I highly recommend Cologne for Pride if you ever get a chance. The city puts on an awesome parade and the environment that weekend is fun and inclusive regardless of your race, color, creed or sexual orientation.