August 2018


Colorado in August

Republic Plaza Tower

My big trip in August was to Colorado – off to see the family and a plethora of friends.

All-in-all, my time in Denver was time well spent. There wasn’t a single disappointing meet-up or other time wasted. I ended up going to a total of five museums, four meals out with friends, and two Colorado Rockies games.

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (RMQM)

Some of the museums ended up being really cool – like the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, which is in a store front out in Golden, Colorado. This year was my second visit and I can say that with its rotating exhibitions, I will probably keep returning every time I visit Denver. This time the principle special exhibition was “Pieced Together—Patchwork Quilts from Russia” – with some beautiful work.

Clyfford Still Museum

The same day, I also stopped by the Clyfford Still Museum and the (relocated) Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Arts. It was my first time at the Clyfford Still Museum – as an artist he crossed onto my map because of a YA novel by Robin Reardon, Educating Simon – in which the title character uses art by Clyfford Still to communicate with his stepsister. What I can say is that Clyfford Still’s art is as described in the book. Ultimately it is a bit too abstract for me – but I’m glad I visited.

With respect to the Kirkland Museum, what I can only say is that in its new location, it just has more space and is, somehow, better organized with respect to time. However, it remains rather cluttered and it is impossible to take it all in. As the third museum in one day, I was too mentally exhausted to fully appreciate its new (and old) surroundings.

The Navarre Building

That said, the absolute best museum in Denver is clearly the American Museum of Western Art. At only $5 for entrance (without a tour, but with an audio guide), this place is a stunningly wonderful place to pass a morning.

The other things in Denver – were all pretty personal. It’s awesome catching up with friends from throughout my life, including time in Denver (middle school, high school), Laramie, and Bloomington.

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