Whatchamacallit 40: Siapo from (American) Samoa

The work above – siapo – comes from my visit to American Samoa (which I did while visiting Samoa) in April 2015, a stop on my eastward around the world vacation.

The paper is made of mulberry bark. I wish I could remember what it feels like because, in theory, this paper (in larger […]

Whatchamacallit 39: Bloomington Memories

Color this another “annoyed” whatchamacallit – today I am supposed to heading to Bloomington, Indiana, for a few days – some meetings, many friends, an escape from work. Instead, of course, I am working from home in Berlin.

I have been ruminating about my representations of Bloomington – a city I lived in for […]

Whatchamacallit 38: Original Source Mint

A long time ago I discovered Original Source – specifically their mint products. This one (“for men”) is Black Mint, from the British market, but does not appear on their website. Only “mint and tea tree” is for sale, both in the UK and Germany, per the websites.

There are two things I really […]

Whatchamacallit 37: Pasta.

Back in February, when I started to realize that Covid-19 might become incredibly serious, I decided to invest in food with a long shelf life.

Yes, like many other people, pasta.

Happily, six weeks into the crisis, I have not yet opened any single package of pasta – I have my original supply, including […]

Whatchamacallit 36: My Limits – sort of.

Last fall I ran across Volta Press and their amazingly beautiful Letterpress Maps of Berlin neighborhoods – so I bought my neighborhood, Schöneberg.

This striking map, framed, is in my hallway, at eye-level, so I see it multiple times daily. At least once I day I stop to admire it and to look at […]

Whatchamacallit 35: Lederer Bier

I don’t know how I first learned about Lederer Bier, but I must have learned about it shortly after moving to Germany in 2004, because in 2005, I made a point of going to Nürnberg to eat at the Lederer Biergarten in August.

It’s always exciting to find something with your name on it, […]

Whatchamacallit 34: Obama 2012 Button

This button, which is attached to the bulletin board that hangs in the hallway to my kitchen, is a reminder of a better – no – great America: an America that could see a better future for everybody.

I really do not want to harp on how bad Donald Trump has been, is, or […]

Whatchamacallit 33: Check Please!

Back in December, I went to New York City for Christmas, meeting a friend there, seeing some shows, a concert, the city, and whatever else one does whilst one is in The City.

Along the way I stopped by the Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe & Activist Center (there’s a mouthful) – which is a liberal, […]

Whatchamacallit 32: Panda eating bamboo

The above photo is of a photo I took at some point between 1999 and 2003 – judging from the fact that the Memphis Zoo claims to have received them in 2003, it must have been 2003 because I moved to Germany in the summer of 2004 and there’s no way I took this […]

Whatchamacallit 31: Vase from Weimar

Down in Weimar there’s a cute ceramics shop, moccarot.

After having admired their work over the years – and having purchased their work as presents for friends, I finally bought something for myself the last time I was in Weimar, back in July 2018.

It seems like it was a long time ago, so […]