Whatchamacallit 22: A tapestry from Ecuador

Weaving from Ecuador

I spent Saturday morning, after my constitutional, in my bedroom: a few hours reading crap on my new tablet, a short video on my phone, a nap, reading on my Kindle, and some staring at the wall.

Some of this time was spent staring at this tapestry, which resides at the foot of my bed, just to the right of nackte männer.

I bought the weaving while visiting Ecuador in 2018 when I was based in the town of Otavalo, which is located north of Quito along route E35. On the day I bought this, I hired a taxi to take me to a variety of sites outside of Otavalo including to a town where I could buy these kinds of weavings.

Clearly, I am not an expert on these kind of works – I bought from the guy the taxi driver recommended and I like the fact that the artist wove in a signature, “José C.” On the other hand, I later realized that the theme of this creation and my other José C. weaving (which will make an appearance some day in the future, given that the Covid-19 crisis continues) are widely replicated by many, many, many weavers throughout the area; thus, both are actually rather common creations.

The colors of this weaving are what attracted me to it: although this is not a “pride” weaving, per se, it reminds me of the colors – probably why I ended up hanging it in my bedroom.

As such, the weaving serves many purposes: not only does it cheer up my bedroom with its bright colors, but it reminds me of my time in Ecuador.

The trip, which I didn’t blog about (badAdam – but at some point, I seem to have lost interest in blogging everything – maybe the big plus of Corona is that I am blogging now), was a nice adventure: I spent time in Otavalo and in Quito. In Quito I made a point of standing on the equator, where I felt incredibly equitable for the first time in my life.

The people of Ecuador were incredibly friendly and the food good.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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