Whatchamacallit 30: Hong Kong at Night

Hong Kong at Night by W. Chan

As I noted Friday, I do not have much art representing East Asia – essentially this is the only piece on display: Hong Kong at Night by W. Chan.

I acquired this in April 2014, when I visited Hong Kong with a German travel companion. I came away from Hong Kong with the feeling that I was happy to have visited but no need to return. That remains true, even today.

View from Twenty-One WhitfieldOne of the highlights of Hong Kong was our hotel – whose website expired last week – Twenty-One Whitfield. I still remember the hotel as being nearly perfect. One of the best things about the hotel, out of many, was its view over Hong Kong. I could lie in bed and stare out the floor to ceiling windows that wrapped around two sides of the bed.

While we did a lot of things in Hong Kong, wandering around the city doing whatever it was that we did – I am now fuzzy on some of the details.

However, as I noted in the blog post, our last evening in Hong Kong we went up to The Peak, where we watched the sunset and walk along a path where people were selling art – it was there that I spotted the above piece of art for sale – I think it cost about 15€ and, as I recall, my friend actually bought it for me.

What sold me on the art was the fact that it essentially caught the view of Hong Kong I had from my bed at the hotel. I even wrote about the view from my bed at the time in Hong Kong and Me.

The painting is between two Scottish pieces of art, also to the right of the previously shown London Bridge. It is above my television – so it is regularly in view.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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