Whatchamacallit 38: Original Source Mint

Original Source Black Mint

A long time ago I discovered Original Source – specifically their mint products. This one (“for men”) is Black Mint, from the British market, but does not appear on their website. Only “mint and tea tree” is for sale, both in the UK and Germany, per the websites.

There are two things I really like about this product: first, the amazing, intense, mint scent. Second, the cooling feeling of using it on my scalp and letting it rest there.

I know that I discovered the Original Source mint products while in the UK – and at one point bought a refill bag to bring back to Germany (more product, better sealed, tossed in my checked luggage). I ended up buying a soap dispenser from the local drug store, filling it with their soap, and using it whenever I need a cooling sensation – say on a hot summer afternoon after having taken a vigorous walk.

Right now I have at least a 5 years supply of the Original Source mint-based soaps – the product is not usually easy to find in Germany (the brand is sometimes in my local drug store, but I’ve never seen any of the mint choices for sale), so I ordered up a backup supply before Brexit came along.

Currently, it is not really quite hot enough outside to justify using the soap – but going back to the first of two reasons that I love the product is its scent.

Given that one of the early warning signs of Covid-19 is a loss of taste or smelling, I’ve made a point of smelling my shampoo every morning: right now I am using a ginger-based shampoo which carries quite a sharp scent. It’s a relief to smell it as I apply it to my hair after my constitutional. Lower down my body I trade between two different body washes, one that carries a subtle “summery” scent (quite distinctive), the other is a “gay” scent (basically like a drag queen who has used way too much perfume, some of which innately argue with each other).

I wouldn’t normally enjoy the scent of these products so much – none are as refreshing or pleasing as the Original Source Mint, but the fact that I’m smelling these things is an indicator that I am not sick.

Once warm weather starts kicking into gear, I will switch to using the mint-based shampoo and body wash more regularly – the scent will remind me that I’m healthy; letting it stay in my hair for an extended rest will cool my hot-head.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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