Whatchamacallit 79: Latter Days

Latter Days

Latter Days is a film and – as above – a novelization of a film.

As a book, it is meh – it covers the story of the film, but this is a case where the film is absolutely outstanding. As a film, it grows better and better with time – at least for me.

I first mention seeing the film on January 23, 2005, — but I cannot help but think that I had already seen the film before. Unfortunately, I have no way of determining this. I say a lot more about the film on August 8, 2006, when I discuss Mormons in gay films:

The theme of Mormon missionaries continued in Latter Days, a sweet romantic film featuring a group of Mormon Missionaries in LA who live in an apartment complex across from a gay slut who bets his coworkers that he can bed one of the missionaries for $50. Ultimately successful, the gay slut falls in love and the missionary is sent home and excommunicated. The story is surprisingly captivating. I once recommended that a friend track down the film and watch it and upon doing so, the friend ended up buying himself a copy of the film and its soundtrack.

The Mormon Church comes off quite poorly in the film—excommunicating a missionary because of a kiss—a kiss that did not even involve tongue. Meanwhile the gay slut redeems himself by volunteering for an AIDS charity and helping his roommate become a pop star. This is a film worth tracking down and watching as it is a story about hope and love.

Of course, this is all long before the frog that will change your life or, rather, Book of Mormon, the musical.

I’ve recommend the film to more than one friend – friends both straight and gay – those who have found the time to watch it, do not regret it. Which is more than I can say about the book – I rewatch the film at least once a year. I’m not sure when I last re-read the book.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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  • Olaf

    I’m not sure whether we make it to once a year, but we definitely watch Latter Days regularly. It’s a wonderful movie

    • I find that the sound track is also really good — there was a lot of decent music written for the film.