Whatchamacallit 94: Whisky with a View

Whisky with a View

This painting, Whisky with a View, currently hangs above my whisk(e)y collection.

I bought it directly from Julie Galante, the artist, for £100 plus £12 shipping and handling in August 2016.

There are quite a few things that this painting reminds me: the obvious whisk(e)y connection, sitting above my whisk(e)y collection, the glimpse of Edinburgh out the window, plus all the memories connected to Julie and Scott from when they lived in Munich and were an active part of the German ex-pat blogging scene. Scott died of leukemia in April 2017.

Honestly, I wish I could say more.

I’m good at writing factual, short, texts – but when it comes to communicating empathy, compassion, love, sympathy, and condolences, I fall short.

When I decided to write about this painting, I had not fully thought through what I was going to write – and so here I am. In a thoughtful, reflective mood.

I have a bottle of the whisky in the painting: the Talisker Port Ruighe – I’ll be drinking it in their honor tonight.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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