Whatchamacallit 111: Union Handroasted Coffee (to be deaccessioned)

Union Handroasted Coffee

Back when I was a coffee snob, I thought that it would be cool to have this, an empty, used, sack of coffee on my kitchen wall as decoration.

Its time is up – and I have decided to remove it from my walls and, uh, donate it to…. Uh… I guess bio-trash? Or maybe just the plain dumpster. Not sure. Must ask a friend.

For some reason I was always under the impression that “Union Handroasted Coffee” was a Colombian brand (it says Colombia on the truck!) – so when I googled the phrase while writing this blog post, I was surprised to find out that it is an East London brand of coffee.

This actually makes sense since I bought it while vacationing in London.

No idea what I paid for it – couldn’t have been too much, but in retrospect, probably not worth it.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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