December 2020


Holzconnection: Where the 200×140 bed is delivered as 207×140.

It’s been awhile since I blogged.


But moving takes effort – and I have had both awesome experiences (KaminPalast, Dielerei), ones where things have taken longer than expected but turned out awesome (KD Küchenstudio), and one utter disaster.

Holzconnection, a purveyor of custom made furniture has failed me ever since I signed the contract.

First, they promised me that the furniture would be delivered 6-8 weeks (or so) after they measured the rooms.

My rooms were measured on Friday, August 21st. The man, a subcontractor who did not work directly for Holzconnection, showed up with a laser, a computer, a tripod, and who knows whatever else. Honestly, I didn’t pay that much attention since that day IKEA delivered a shitload of furniture, my wood burning stove was installed, the developer’s tile worker showed up to fix a problem in the bathroom, and the developer’s cleaning team showed up to clean.

I trusted that the man hired to measure the room with all of his fancy equipment knew what he was doing, so I stayed out of his way and worried about other things.

In reality, the 6-8 weeks stretched and my furniture was finally delivered, assembled, and installed on November 19th, some 12 weeks and six days after measuring.

Not that I am counting, or anything.

What was delivered is insane – despite the precise measurements, the wall unit in my guest bedroom is askew: the lower left corner is closer to the wall than the upper left corner; reversed issues on the right-hand side. It visually looks wonky.

left bottom

The lower left side of the guest bedroom bookcase is 2.8cm away from the wall.

left top

The upper left side of the bookcase is more than 4.5cm away from the wall.

The men who delivered and installed the furniture appeared to be subcontractors who did not work for Holzconnection; they worked as quickly as possible, zooming through the work (but not using Zoom, I mean it in the traditional sense) in an effort to not be in my apartment.

right top

The upper righthand side is 2.3cm or less from the wall, but….

right bottom

The lower right hand side is 3.5 cm away from the right hand wall.

From the time they shouted “FERTIG” to the time they were out the door and gone could not have been more than 5 minutes.

That was when I started to realize the major problems – starting with the aforementioned skewed bookcase in my guest bedroom. In this case, I think the installers were just excited to leave as quickly as possible.

Second, the bookcase in my personal bedroom from the front appears fine, but on the back side, the bottom is flush against the wall, the top is 2.5 centimeters from the wall. It is attached to the wall, so it is probably safe. I hope.

Holzconnection: 2.5 cm away from the wall at top

The bookcase in my bedroom is tight against the wall at the bottom, but at the top is is over 2.5cm away from the wall.

Third, I think put the lattenrost on my new guest bed frame and then my mattress – there is an extra 7 centimeters.

Holzconnection: bedframe 7cm too long

This bed comes 7cm too long — that is the Holzconnection standard.

I complained:

I ordered a bedframe for a 140×200 mattress: the hole for the mattress is 140cm wide, but ca. 207 cm long. This is unacceptable: how is it possible to have a hole for a mattress that is 207cm long? Mattresses in Germany are normally either 200 cm or 210 cm long – 207 cm does not make sense.

Today I got a response:

I have asked our complaint department for solutions and they have informed me that the Bed Paros has 7 cm more in lenght as standard, so we can not change it. They offer 175€ Discount for the delay.

After getting this email, I checked the Bed Paros product page on the Holzconnection website – there is no mention of this extra 7cm anywhere on the product page. Not a hint of it.

I have spent an obscene amount of money on furniture from Holzconnection.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

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