May 2022


Now that I’ve moved…

I moved across Berlin back in September 2020 – thankfully during a “pause” of sort in the pandemic. Despite having been around a large number of people who were instrumental in my successful move (movers, my handyman, people installing lots of stuff), I managed to not get Corona.


… and I still have not had Corona (as far as I know).

While I love my new home, with more space, a guest bedroom, in-floor heating, and surrounded by parks – I sometimes pause and reflect on my old home in Schöneberg.

For, with the exception of Frau Covfefe upstairs, my old home was excellent.

Steps from my front door were excellent restaurants of many stripes: Indian, German, cafes, Vietnamese, Italian, bakeries, and more. There’s no way I could do justice in listing all the amazing restaurants in Schöneberg.

When it comes to my new home, I have a nice biergarten in a nearby park and a couple of places that I am willing to go back to, if you know what I mean. When using food delivery apps, I’ve found one decent American-esque pizza restaurant and a burger restaurant. I’ve also discovered that most delivery pizza to my new home is terrible and makes Domino’s look outstanding.

In Schöneberg I lived near the gayborhood; there is no gayborhood anywhere near where I live now: I now have parks and old-(for Berlin)-growth trees in several large parks. Sitting at my dining table, I look out the window and see (right now) leafy trees with a couple of taller (e.g. 7 or 8 story) apartment buildings poking up.

I guess I am a bit bittersweet: I miss Schöneberg but I love my new home. I do not miss Frau Covfefe, I do miss the restaurants.

Though come to think of it, I’ve never really described Frau Covfefe.

Some other time.

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