June 2013


Two positive customer service experiences in one day: Foto Meyer and the… uh… US IRS!

Today, after a long day of work, I had one mission to achieve: getting my camera cleaned. While in the Shetlands I’d noticed that there was a speck of dust in the viewfinder, but that said speck of dust was not showing up in my photographs.

Thank goodness – so I put off dealing with […]

CSD Berlin, 2013: In photographs

Yesterday was a fine day for a parade and a fine day for allergies. This does not make for a great combination, at least as far as I am concerned.

That said, did go to the Christopher Street Day Parade here in Berlin, lasted for about two hours (of the parade) before my capacity to […]

The summer solstice and Fête de la Musique

Tonight Berlin (and the northern portion of the planet) has its shortest night of the year – it’s 11:00 and just now getting dark. It’s also the evening of Fête de la Musique, the annual evening of free concerts around the city.

Hard Beat Five playing crowd favorites.

After an extremely enjoyable dinner with […]

Scotland – Dundee and its environs.

Smallest legal distillery in Scotland.

After leaving the Scottish Highlands – less the crap posted at the post office, we headed south toward Dundee – our first stop being Pitlochry, home of Scotland’s smallest (legal) distillery.

This was actually our second distillery of the trip, the first being a gigantic factory-esque facility in Muir […]

Scotland – Inverness and the Highlands

It was with much sadness that we left the Shetland Islands.

In retrospect, if I had a do-over, I would keep the two nights on Unst, but extended the time in the lighthouse by at least two more nights.

This is where we had a picnic.

Or, to put it succinctly, I would have […]

Shetland Islands – What We Did on the Mainland

This is the Atlantic Ocean, as seen just northwest of the community of Brae. Isn’t it pretty!

When planning the trip, we sort of expected to be bored – to have time to stay in our lighthouse and read books – relaxing, if you will. And while we did some of that, we actually […]

Shetland Islands – Our Accommodation on the Mainland: Eshaness Lighthouse

The Eshaness Lighthouse was my home for four nights. Next time I’ll make it a week.

Back when we started planning our trip to the Shetland Islands in earnest last summer, the Shetland Islands was not really on our radar – until I picked up the Lonely Planet book for Scotland and read that […]

Shetland Islands – I was in the middle of something…

We stopped in Mid Yell for the obvious photo.

Traveling south from Unst to the “mainland” (the Shetland Island’s largest island), one crosses Yell, and past “Mid-Yell” – a shameless photo-opt ensued.

This was one of the narrower roads that we drove on — not the narrowest. Every so often there were passing […]

Shetland Islands – Unst

Welcome to Unst

Now that I’ve left the Shetland Islands, I have better Internet access, although, honestly, it was fine at our first port-of-call, Baltasound. I was just too busy to take the time to write anything – other than postcards.

Baltasound is a community on the island of Unst, the northern most occupied […]