July 2020


In Rotterdam

I don’t think I’ve explicitly stated it, but I am in Rotterdam.

I arrived here Monday afternoon, after an unfortunate 20 minute delay in Essen, Belgium, waiting for a “technical fault” in The Netherlands to be fixed. I found my hotel quickly and then marched out—stopping by the Albert Heijn for a bottle of juice (MT once called it orgasmic); looking for a pair of blue jeans (found, 50€) and then got my hair cut at Hype.Bo

Later in the evening I stopped by dè Kameleon for a beer (or three). It was mellow and I had a brief conversation with the bartender—learning along the way that the owner from a year ago has moved to the suburbs and bought a bar way out there. I had an ulterior hope whilst there, but I won’t specify what exactly here.

Tuesday I went to the office, worked for a few hours and then decided to head to the hotel, getting there just before the rain started coming down and the wind started blowing. I worked from the hotel room until 8 or so, when I headed over to one of the nearby movie theaters and picked up a ticket to see Borat. Borat was excellent, and makes a lot of interesting points—Why Kazakhstan is upset by this movie is beyond me: it is more of a slam on the United States.

Today I finished work on a project at the hotel before hitting the office for an afternoon of lunch, work, and a lovely evening.

Tomorrow is a traveling day: I will visit Dordrecht and Amsterdam. The former for meetings, the later to do some quick shopping and meet the American in Amsterdam.

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  • MT

    I’m telling you … that is *THE* best orange juice I have ever had in my life. I’ve actually dreamt about that juice since I came home from Europe. Weird, eh?