June 2021


Whatchamacallit 58: A Perfect Pair

A Perfect Pair by Sebastian Lamb

This is one of my prized pornographic novels – “A Perfect Pair” by Sebastian Lamb.

I bought it in Portland, Oregon, at Counter Media, which, sadly, no longer exists. Counter Media was located quite close to Powell’s (still exists) and carried a wonderful variety of progress/queer/strange/new/used books.

The story in this novel is about incestuous twins – but that is not why I love the book. Rather, I love the book because of an incredible offer made in the introduction. They aspired to greatness:

HIS 69 paperbacks are designed with the male-interested reader in mind, and we at Surree Limited Inc. want to make these novels the perfect reflection of what you, our readers, desire. Your comments and suggestions, and any other sexual matters of concern to you, are therefore solicited IN ABSOLUTE AND STRICTEST CONFIDENCE, in our attempts to give you exactly the type of book you wish to read. You need not even sign your correspondence to make it a valid consideration in the editorial process

We therefore urge you to write us, in exact detail, about the types of books and situations you wish to read about. Not all letters can be answered due to the amount of mail, but all letters and comments are considered when making editorial decisions. No matter is too complex to approach us with, and noting is too difficult for us to attempt… but only you can do it, by communicating with us, and only if you take the time to write us with your specific requirements.

Every single time I read this, I laugh. I can only imagine how often the guy who opened the mail laughed his ass off.

See also: Before Nifty.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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