May 2022


Whatchamacallit 80: Gjoleid Praksis 1.2

Gjoleid Praksis 1.2

Last July I spent a lovely long weekend in Oslo – really everything about that weekend was perfect, save for the shitty hotel I’d chosen (the manager tried to argue points with me in email about the hotel’s greatest flaw – I think she understood why I was upset, but did not understand the full magnitude of why I was so upset; but I will leave that aside here) and the fact that a small beer cost 10€.

Seriously, I had an extraordinary good time – from my core reason to visit, the Kon-Tiki Museum, to everything else that I did while visiting: going to the beach, visiting the Nobel Peace Prize Museum, wandering through the city center, and, especially, the hike up to the Future Library in the hills above the city.

I would make a point of returning to Oslo if were not for the city is expensive.

As I sort of hinted at before with my Wyoming Whisky Whatchamacallit, I joined the trend of buying local whisk(e)ys when I travel – and so I found myself inside a branch of Vinmonopolet, the liquor monopoly in Norway, looking at local whisky. After briefly perusing the options, I took Gjoleid, Praksis 1.2.

According to whizzky.net,

The Gjoleid Praksis 1.2 uses light malted barley, malted wheat, and malt lightly smoked using logs of alder wood. Gjoleid Praksis 1.2 has been matured in two casks; a 200 litre fresh American oak (cask 10341), and a 200 litre 1st fill ex-bourbon American oak (cask 10336). It is a four years old whisky, and the label states ‘almost five years old’.

Nobody’s reported tasting notes – and I have not (yet) opened my bottle  I am saving it for some kind of special occasion, to be announced.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am going to try and make a point of writing a blog post about an object in my home.

We’ll see how long this lasts.

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