September 2022



For the past 26 years, Dorothy has been the program coordinator in charge of the Indiana University Arts Administration program. During that time the program has bounced from the Business School to the Music School and then to the Public Affairs School. It was during her last stop on the tour of campus that I met Dorothy.

As a tireless and dedicated coordinator she seems to have kept the program going when others could not or would not, and she built relationships with the students in her program. She also continued building upon those relationships after the students graduated, thus giving the program a strong alumni network, long before there was a focus on such relationships. Today, before I left the office, Dorothy sent an email out to the program’s alumni letting them know that today, June 30, was her last day at work. Long before the Listserv finished mailing out the emails, alumni were writing back, thanking her for her service and dedication.

Relationships like these are hard to build in large schools where often the administration is seen as distant and impersonal-by constantly keeping the Arts Administration program internally focused, despite being within larger schools with often opposite foci, she’s done something that others can only dream about: created loyal alumni.

Further, Dorothy is a nice person, somebody who is easy to get along with and fun to talk to. Each morning when I got to the office, Dorothy was usually there before me, having answered whatever emails had come in over night and working on whatever needed to be completed next. Dorothy also went with me when I went to see Steve at the hospital-and as I pointed out before, I doubt I could have made the trip without her: I hate hospitals.

It is clear that during times of weak and/or absent leadership, Dorothy was the glue that kept the program together. She is to be congratulated for what she has done.

Best wishes for a very happy retirement Dorothy-enjoy Bloomington and everything it has to offer.

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