October 2021


Cheltenham Spa

I am in Cheltenham Spa for a day of meetings—and they’ve gone well. I’ve also managed to get set up with a suave desk and an Internet connection so that I can work.

At the expense of going out, I finally finished the big project—on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—so I emailed it off and expect to hear back about everything I’ve done wrong tomorrow when I get back to Weimar.

I don’t really have anything specific to ramble about today—so I will talk about my gay trip to the UK this time: It wasn’t really gay.

Between my cold and work, I have had very little entertainment in the UK this trip. Thursday I was so exhausted by 6pm I returned to the hotel and didn’t leave until the next morning. Sad and pathetic I know. Friday was the night I went to see The History Boys followed by dinner and a quick trip to the grocery store. I got back to my hotel after midnight and was exhausted: no gay nightlife. Saturday I got back to the hotel at 11 and couldn’t find a listing for a club night I was interested in—so between that and the fact that I had worked all day Saturday (seriously, all day), I opted for bed.

Last night, my first night in Cheltenham, I got back to my hotel at 11 after a lovely evening. The local gay club EXS was open until 2, but I was tired (having traveled from London) and opted to read a book in bed—a briefly lived activity.

That leaves tonight for fun and games, but the club is closed. I will be doomed to quiet activities. I’m not even interested in hitting the movies as all that is showing appears to be crap.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is a travel day: train to Bristol, bus to the airport, flying to Frankfurt and then training it the rest of the way home. Hopefully I will be sane, once I get there.

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