September 2022


The Purpose of Travel

Candy from HungaryTonight I was in Woolworth’s—long gone from the American scene, Woolworth’s in England is much like the one that used to be in the USA.

I was there to pick up Jelly Babies for a friend back at the office—his specific request.

While I was looking at the enormous package of Jelly Babies (600 grams, roughly half an American pound), it suddenly occurred to me that I had made people at today’s meetings quite happy after having schlepped roughly that amount of odd Harbro candies all the way from Germany—whilst they are available here, usually they are limited to the Gummi Bears.

At the core of that thought I realized was a simple truth: we travel to carry candy from one place to another.

I remarked upon this to a somewhat bewildered cashier, who after I explained what I meant, immediately chimed in that she loved Duplo.

Duplo is something that I have carried across the Atlantic to Koko—it is her favorite candy bar from Germany. I’ve learned that carrying Duplo as well as the square, practical, and good Ritter Sport chocolate bars with me to America can payoff quite handsomely: They make excellent presents for friends, gate agents, and flight attendants and can, upon occasion, result in a much better traveling experience.

Coming east, across the Atlantic to Europe, I’ve brought bags of Jelly Beans (available in Europe, but much more expensive, and a quite restricted flavor selection) that have pleased many.

Of course, occasionally one buys something sweet because of its ridiculous name, much like the candy above—something I found while in Budapest. It was darned good—I wish I had bought more.

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