October 2021


Blow Job

With winds up to 200 kilometers an hour (120 mph), Kyrill delivered a massive blow job to Germany—pushing all the air pollution to Russia whilst leaving a number of trees lying in its wake and Deutsche Bahn with idle trains.

Including, I might add the trains from Jena to Weimar.

That did stop me from getting home in the comfort of a taxi—a taxi halted along the way by a tree that had chosen to drop itself right on to the highway. Fortunately the Jena police and fire departments operated quickly and not too much time was lost waiting for the road to open up again.

The storm was quite impressive in its vigor and duration—after getting home at 6:30 and baking a pizza, the winds really started to blow. It remained constant until sometime in the early hours, for when I slept at 11, the wind was still quite heavy.

According to the news, a number of people have died as a result of the storm, including an 18 month old in Germany who was killed by a door that came off its hinges. There are numerous photos of the destruction, including a set issued by the Thüringer Allgemeine (click on “FOTOSTRECKE: So wütete “Kyrill” in Thüringen”) of wind in my state.

6 comments to Blow Job

  • nice photos. i’m just glad you made it home safely. 🙂 xo

  • Those photos look like an ordinary day in Wyoming.

  • CQ: I was thinking the same thing about Indiana.

    Seconded that I’m glad you made it home ok.

    As for that post title: you’re just aiming for extra traffic. 🙂

  • Jul

    Hi! Glad you were able to make it home OK.

    I just found you by clicking around on other expat blogs. I used to live in Halle, and am totally fascinated with the former GDR. Looking forward to reading more!

  • Koko, CQ: Danke! I was happy I could get home. I could have spent the night at the office!

    Domoni: Extra traffic? Are readers that shallow?

    Jul: I’m glad you found ye olde blog! If you click through the “Thüringer Blogzentrale” link, you can find blogs (mostly in German) about Thuringen.

  • “Domoni: Extra traffic? Are readers that shallow?”

    No, but my stats show me that people who come to a site through Google often are….