December 2022


The NSFW Entry

This entry coves gay porn. Although the written content of the post is not really pornographic in and of itself (by my standards), the post does link to porn and writings that some may consider offensive.

On the other hand, I think most of it is pretty mild.

The last time I talked about porn I introduced y’all to “Stupid Porn,” a website that does its best to expose porn that should never have been made—sometimes because the themes are over the top and others because the models are of questionable beauty. I have to admit that the Men of Mortuaries is unusually disturbing.

First up are previews for a porno entitled “How To Seduce A Straight Man.” Now, given my interest in porn (give me dialogue, forget the sex!), all the best parts of this film are in the previews. What I really want to know is if seducing a straight guy at the movie theatre (with popcorn) or in the hot tub (talking about Vegas) really works. Mind you, the two clips do have nudity in them, but they are hardly pornographic.

Next up are a couple of blogs that focus on Prague. I don’t think I’ve ever really explicitly said it, but my last trip to Prague was disappointing—make no mistake, I had fun with MT—but the news that my favorite club had closed and the discovery that my usual pension was shitty kind of wrecked my opinion about the city. Since then I’ve discovered two blogs that provide a “sex-patriate” view of the city (sex-patriate as opposed to a plain expatriate).

Breeder Boy is a Briton living in Prague making his living running a website dedicated to teenaged straight boys having sex solo, with their girls, and with each other. I haven’t paid for a membership but I am reading his blog (which, at the moment is focused on his rent-boy-finding trip to Romania) which is highly amusing and interesting.

On the other hand, homo superior is a gay American living in Prague. He is a part-time pimp, part-time customer, and sometimes homeless guy. Right now much of his writing is focused on the recent break up with his Roma “guy” (I never quite got the feeling that the guy was a boyfriend, but they slept together.) In the past he’s described what it is like to live in a park in Prague, sleeping out doors all night; visit adult bookstores, and the racial discrimination that Czech people engage in. I find it all fascinating—although my biggest question is about his visa. How the hell does he stay in the Czech Republic that long without getting thrown out by the immigration officials? I know having an American passport helps, but still!

Finally (and gosh, am I feeling like a nasty guy right now), QueerClick provides some interesting model comparisons—as they appear on gay sites and as they appear in mainstream media. It’s slightly amusing to see a guy sucking cock or getting fucked on a gay site, and then appear with their girlfriend on another (or in an extreme case, a contestant on MTV’s Parental Control).

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