September 2021


On the Road

Again. I know, I just got back so it seems a bit odd, but I am on the road again. This time a week in Indiana, USA.

Via Berlin.

I chose to do a double connection from Berlin instead of the single connection from Frankfurt because, as I explained to several people, I want something good for dinner tonight.

Although I may not adore Berlin in quite the same way that everybody else does, but I do know that Berlin has far better restaurants and eats than that hell-hole called Frankfurt—a city where I have yet to find a single restaurant, beyond Starbucks, that I am willing to revisit. I lie—I do have a default disgusting inexpensive Chinese restaurant a block away from the train station. It’s not dirty disgusting, but the food is bland and uninspired, which actually makes it one of Frankfurt’s better restaurants, which say something about the rest.

The whole downside to the experience is that in Frankfurt I could sleep in until 7, or so, but in Berlin I must get up at 4, or so, in order to get to the airport. Thankfully I can sleep on the plane, since, weather dependent, I might go out tonight and enjoy some of Berlin’s nightlife.

Anyhow, I have had a rotten week of sleep: Monday night I got four hours of sleep, last night I stayed up until 1. I would have fought my sleep issues, but I figure that since I am on the move, it’s pointless.

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