July 2022


Last Day

Today is my last day in the States for a brief spell—so I am kind of in a melancholy mood.

My time here has not really gone as planned. I’d noticed that the Indianapolis Indians were scheduled to play a game Wednesday afternoon, so I planned accordingly. Unfortunately the weather conspired against me. I arrived in Indy on a cold and blustery day, with periodic rain showers. I ended up holing up in my non-descript generic hotel room and watching heavy bands of rain cross central Indiana. Fortunately I missed the interesting weather—tornados touched down north of the city and caused some damage.

Today, as I moaned about yesterday, there is a chance of snow – and I’ve seen a few little flakes here and there. Not great zoo weather, and I couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to hit either of Indy’s good museums—so I had a quiet morning ending up at the Abbey (again!).

The Abbey seems like the perfect last stop in Indianapolis—I don’t like the new location as much as the old one, but it has managed to retain much of the funky charm that made me like the old location so much. The food is, still, wonderful. I had a Southwest Red Chili Tortilla wrap with a side of free wifi and a view of some minor eye candy.

On the subject of eye candy: for some reason, I’ve stopped noticing it in Weimar. Take me to Erfurt, and I drool. Take me to Indiana, I drool. It’s totally crazy.

Anyhow, in 24 hours I’ll be home.

Bis bald.

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