June 2021


Paranoia Alert!

From the Inbox! Not only is the Bush Administration’s State Department running scared, but they’ve managed to convince the Democrats Abroad in Berlin to forward the Berlin Consulate’s Scare-Mail to everybody on their email list! I’m glad that I have not personally subscribed to the Berlin Consulate Paranoia Email List. However, if you visit the site, you can see happy pictures of the US Ambassador to Germany visiting Polar Bear Knut.

Dear Adam,

today we recieved the following security alert per eMail from the US consulate. We ask you to be aware of this alert and inform yourself about increasing your personal security. The links below will assist you with this.

Democratic greetings

Michael Steltzer
Chair – Democrats Abroad Berlin

Von: Germany, ACS [mailto:GermanyACS@state.gov]
Gesendet: Freitag, 20. April 2007 11:07
Betreff: From the U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt – Warden Message re Security

U.S. diplomatic and consular facilities in Germany are increasing their security posture. We are taking these steps in response to a heightened threat situation. The U.S. Embassy encourages Americans in Germany to increase their vigilance and take appropriate steps to bolster their own personal security.

The Department of State’s April 10, 2007, “Worldwide Caution” Public Announcement, which can be found on the Internet at http://www.travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/pa/pa_1161.html, provides additional information on potential threats to U.S. citizens overseas, along with advice on how to reduce your vulnerability to such threats. Additional general information on residing and traveling abroad, including the latest Consular Information Sheet for Germany, may be found on-line at http://travel.state.gov.

Contact information for the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, and Consulates in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich and Leipzig may be found on the Internet at: http://berlin.usembassy.gov/germany/citizen_services.html.

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