September 2022


Lisbon on Monday

My first day in Lisbon was deceptively exhausting. After a pleasant lunch and a quiet afternoon, I headed out to wander around the city.

So far my methodology for exploring Lisbon is as follows: Get on Metro, take to a distant station, and then walk back. This time I took the Metro to Sao Sebastiao, where I got off the train and looked around El Corte Einglés, the well known Spanish department store. I didn’t spend too much time in the store before wandering across the Parque Eduardo VII—a lovely sun-splashed venue with some nicely manicured hedges and some comfortable looking hillsides.

From there I walked back to my hotel—down Ave Fontes Pereira de Melo to the Parca Duque de Saldanha. It was there that I saw—well, heard—my first auto accident in a very long time. The light had turned red, a car had stopped and the car behind slammed on his brakes. The sound of the impact spun many heads. The car in front had a scratched rear bumper. The car in back lost a prodigious amount of water in the next two minutes that the two drivers were discussing what had happened. After a brief discussion, the car in front drove off and the car in back drove off as well – I hadn’t expected the car in back to make it any where under its own steam, but it did.

From there it was a relatively short hop back to the hotel—with a brief detour into a supermarket where I bought a bottle of water and a small pastry with meat that turned out to be my dinner—lunch had been so large that I just was not really hungry.

By 9:30 I was beat. After trying to do some work on my computer but the overwhelming urge to hit the sack hit me, and a few minutes later, I was asleep in the city that never sleeps.

It’s really strange: In Europe I am a consistent early riser. I am up well before 7 on weekdays and on weekends, I could hardly be called a late-sleeper for the most part. In the US, I tend to stay up past midnight and get up at 9 or later. These hours, annoyingly, are not conducive for communication with the people on the other side of the pond—in either case.

Anyhow, today’s plan: work, work, lunch, work and walk. With a nightcap of work.

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