September 2022


Leipzig and Beyond

Saturday night in Leipzig was both busy and quiet. Busy in that there was a mega-cross-town “event” with a whole lot of music on a whole lot of stages. Quiet in the fact that I decided I really only wanted to hit the G-Garage for dancing and not participate in the larger concert event.

Quiet, of course, does not convey the audio experience of the club, rather it describes the crowd. There were not a lot of people at the club when I arrived at midnight, and when I left at 1:30, there were still not a lot of people—although it was busier. Unfortunately the DJ wasn’t matching the crowd—so while there were a lot of people milling about in the strobe lighting and loud music, for a lot of tracks there was only one person dancing. Every once in awhile he would strike a chord and ten people would crowd onto the dance floor—until the next track when it would empty as the music switched to something either undancable or something that the crowd did not appreciate.

Unfortunately I never saw the geil Air France Law Student Dude from March—he had probably wisely chosen to hit up the town wide event. DJs Blank and Jones, who I heard at the disastrous Trance-Acid night in Erfurt were amongst the performers at the hauptbahnhof’s performance space. I’m holding out for DJ Kai Tracid, who took an artistic sabbatical last year and was to return in January—he updated his website letting us know he’s alive but, as far as I can tell, he hasn’t announced any dates yet, so the opportunity to actually see him is not there: his sabbatical continues.

Sunday morning I woke up relatively early and took a walk around the center of Leipzig, even finding the nearby Zoo. I didn’t actually go to the zoo because the urge for breakfast hit me, so I found the bagel shop near my hotel where I ate a Bagel with Lox and had a cup of coffee. It was almost like being in New York City. Returning to my hotel, I checked out and neatly missed a train to the airport by two minutes—I thought it left at 10:55; it actually left at 10:51. No big deal, I caught the next train to the airport, checked in, and then headed to security—where I got to watch a small infant object (via crying) to taking off his jacket and then, a few seconds later, object (via crying) to being patted down by the security guard.

Sadly that was not the end of the security amusements as the jackass in front of me had brought not one, but two liquid items larger than 100ml. If I’m not mistaken the liquids rule has been in effect now for four or five months, if not longer, so I wonder how these people cannot know. His hand lotion was discovered before the x-ray machine, the stick of deodorant was seen by the x-ray operator who then had to dig through his bag. This slowed the security process down substantially-the guy took maybe four or five minutes. I took less than 60 seconds.

Meanwhile, I arrived safely in Lisbon, but my hotel is in the no-restaurant quarter—and the few that are there, are closed for the day. The clerk at the front desk tried his best, but I’m tired and I’m going to have Portuguese Pizza Hut. My first non-American Pizza Hut ever (that I can recall), and my first Pizza Hut in years.

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