July 2020


Coming Out

Last night I had a few friends over for a movie night. Movie night was nice because I have access to a wide selection of movies for free from my friend Rex’s apartment, whilst he is out of town.

Of the ones I brought home, we chose to watch Coming Out, perhaps the only gay feature film made in East Germany, premiering the night the wall fell. It turned out to be one of these really odd jarring movies with music that seemed at odds with the emotions on screen. What I found most amazing about the film is how honest it was; especially when you consider that it was filmed in East Germany. I guess I thought that the East German government wouldn’t have been tolerant of a film like this being made.

Randomly, the movie was punctuated by the repeated croaking of a frog that has made its home in the courtyard pond. We tried to capture him, but he escaped capture through my finger-tips. Perhaps he will return tonight.

This morning I woke up, read the newspaper and then watched Not Another Teen Movie. This spoof-filled film was amusing, but not great. I watched a bunch of the bonus material on the DVD where the director and actors all seemed self-congratulatory for having made a genuinely fantastic film. I’m not checking, but I doubt there are any Oscar Awards in its past, and I might note, the religious types didn’t like it. No surprise there.

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