June 2022


So… Gay!

District Six MuseumI don’t know how it happened, but I realized last night on my way to bed that I have had three distinctly gay posts in a row: Candace Gingrich, gay videos, and Indy Pride.

I’ll try to slow down the pace—it seems a bit much at this point, if you ask me. I need to talk about other things.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what those other things are right now—now that I’m in a gay friendly city I seem to be having some kind of gay orgy. The only thing I haven’t done yet is hit the gay bar—something I might do Thursday night for the local version of Drag Queen Bingo.

On other fronts, I’ve finally started to upload the bulk of my pictures from South Africa to Flickr. I’d tell you to go look, but you might as well wait a week or so for me to finish uploading them. In the meantime my Flickr stream has a schizophrenic look to it. Indy Pride photos are surrounded on both sides by Cape Town photos, creating the impression that I travel a lot.

Of course, I actually do, but not quite that much.

4 comments to So… Gay!

  • koko

    i’m excited to see your flickr stuff 🙂

  • Ed

    Your in a Gay City in the USA? I didn’t even know you were going to San Fransisco.

  • I liked the museum. I remember the story about the homing pigeons coming back to the location of a house the government demolished and looking at their owner when they arrived as if to say, “Hey, what did you do to our house?”

    I thought it was a good illustration of how apartheid not only impacted the majority population but other things as well. The birds knew no race.

  • @koko: give me time! your wishes will come true.

    @ed: Bloomington is very gay friendly! I love it here.

    @cq: I might expand on the District Six museum soon–but after a dearth of topics I seem to have quite a few on my plate this week.