October 2020


Eye for an Eye

And a tooth for a tooth.

Monday morning I’m getting a tooth filled—and since I’m in for a penny, I decided to go for getting my eyes examined as well. I hate getting my eyes examined even more than getting teeth filled.

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be staying in a very dark cave—although it will seem nuclear bright to me.

4 comments to Eye for an Eye

  • Ed

    So how do you get an appointment so fast? I have to call ahead and wait six months.
    Oh a riddle, I can never figure them out. A real Cave would be very dangerous after all this rain. These Limestone caves can fill up with water in a matter of seconds. Nuclear bright? As usual I’m clueless.

  • koko

    good luck with the dentist and eye peoples. I just did the dentist thing and eye thing a month or two ago 🙂 I survived, I bet you can too 🙂

    ps i’ve been lucky…no cavities ever!

  • koko

    Ed, I assume TQE means he’s getting his eyes dilated which means his eyes will be really sensitive to light. 🙂 Correct me if I’m wrong TQE

  • @ed: My dentist is incredibly flexible–i’ve never had a problem getting an appointment on relatively short notice. I think he holds some appointments back for filling teeth on shorter notice. As for the riddle– Koko got it right, my eyes were dilated and I am slightly light sensitive this afternoon. Fortunately the cloudy weather helps.

    @koko: I survived! woot!