April 2020


Umbridge in Life

I would like it to be forever known that unlike some, I was able to restrain my excitement at the release of Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix. I waited a stately ten hours and twenty minutes before heading to the local cinema to watch the 11:20 showing of the film. I was there with K, of Straight Man Lunch Fame.

The film was, I guess, adequate.

At 2 hours and 20 minutes, it was a long film, and although it necessarily edited much of the book, I felt that many of the best parts of the book had vanished from the film—parts that I actually wanted to see acted out and CGI’d by the experts. Instead those parts are left to my imagination, which may not actually be a bad thing.

Without spoiling the film, I have to say that Delores Umbridge was very well acted—and I have a new standard in life for an annoying adult puppet of bad administration. I ended up spending a great deal of the film thinking about all the Delores Umbridges I have known in my life: people who stick to the rules, no matter how silly and inane—as they make up new rules of their own.

Is Dick Cheney an Umbridge?

Who else?

2 comments to Umbridge in Life

  • i dunno…i’ll have to tell you when i see the movie next week. hey…do you wanna go and see the simpson’s movie with us when it comes out? we won’t wait in line for it-(i know i won’t with as fat and crabby as i am), but we should make a go of it before you go, okay?

  • Jen- I will certainly go. And I imagine that a Saturday or Sunday matinee will not have a huge line.

    Plus it’s less expensive!