July 2020


Photo Friday: Loud

Club Hollywood Dancer

A moment of Zen in on a loud dance floor.

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4 comments to Photo Friday: Loud

  • I came to your site from PhotoFriday with a lot of ? to ask after viewing. First, the image presented with title is creative and well done, lighting and focus. Your site’s header has me asking the definition of expatriate, and where do you live anyway?
    LOL Just a hello and heads-up here. Fran.

  • I thought you did not like photofriday anymore…!!..anyway its nice.

  • @prashu: I don’t do photofriday every week; I only do it when something comes to mind quickly. This one seemed easy–there have been some really hard ones in recent weeks.

  • @Fran: Your comment got caught in the filter, otherwise I would have answered it earlier.

    First, thanks! I was very lucky with the photo. I am a novice photographer, so taking pictures for me is about luck–doubly so when the dance floor is lit with strobe lighting. I just happened to get lucky while visiting Estonia!

    An “expatriate” is somebody who is a citizen of one country living in another country. For example, I am an American citizen, but I live in Germany. A French citizen living in the United States would also be an expatriate.

    In Germany I live in a city called Weimar, which before 1989 was in communist East Germany. Historically it’s famous as the favored home of Goethe, a well known German writer. Americans are more likely to know it as the location of Buchenwald, one of the Nazi’s death camps.