August 2021


Generally Good

I have to say that this week, which started out a bit roughly on the emotional and work side has evened out splendidly—I’ve made some concrete plans for my leisure time while traveling, and made a concrete plan for a leisure trip in October.

I’m feeling pretty good, all things considered.

Everything isn’t in ink, but it appears that I am going to have the pleasure of seeing CQ when I’m in DC (current odds: 68%). There will also be an adventure on America’s only high speed train service, dropping me in The City, where, when I am not working, I have high hopes for quality entertainment, like Avenue Q.

In October I have decided to head up to Berlin on October 19. I wish I had somebody to go with me, but it appears that it is going to be a solo adventure, unless one of my readers is willing to go with me. I don’t want to be too specific as to what I’m going to be doing yet, but if you can make it to Berlin and want to know what I’m doing, please let me know. I’d be willing to meet up with random ex-pats or other blog-lurkers. Use the email address in the About Me at the upper right of the home page.

the 08:06 ICE departureMeanwhile, back at the ranch, the cool weather this week hasn’t all been bad—it’s better than sweltering in endless heat, and yesterday, after a night of rain, I was able to get some really excellent photos of ICE trains at the station here in Weimar.

In an amusing incident of sorts, yesterday, in German class we had practiced giving directions to “lost” individuals—what streets to take to navigate across town. After we were finished, we received our Hausaufgaben: We were to pretend we were lost in our hometowns and ask for directions to places in town to see if we could understand the directions. This is something I really do not want to do: I hate talking to strangers.

So, in an inverted twist of fate, yesterday evening I was walking across Weimar lost in thought when I heard a voice asking a question—I was already a meter or two beyond the person and I hadn’t heard the question—I hadn’t even realized she was stopped or was going to ask me a question in the first place. I was so lost in thought that I couldn’t recover, and as I started stumbling with finding words, she gave up and wandered on.

Two minutes later I ended up at the Weimar Office, just in time to see Chicago Anki give me a strange look: it seems that if I had been a 20 minutes earlier I would have had a chance to talk with a guy who’s been staring at me a lot: he was paying up and departing as I came in the door—I had actually specifically inquired about him Monday night—seeking to verify if he was gay (he has that aura).

In a related bit of random Google news, I searched “Weimar Office” on Google Deutschland and, much to my amusement, Café Laden is the first link—this only makes sense—most every time I write “Weimar Office” I link to the café’s website. I guess I have inadvertently been Google Bombing. (Similiar Results on Google USA)

Finally, I suppose that this might not be the right place to post it, but November 17 and 18 will be the annual Whiney Ex-Pat Blogger Meet-Up, this year in Dresden. Everybody’s welcome, but as I understand the ground-rules, it’s an English only weekend and Germans who attend have to be willing to listen to Ex-Pats complain about their country—complaints that are inherently filled with love. For more details, see Germany Doesn’t Suck.

There’s another ex-pat blogger meet-up on Saturday, September 29 in Frankfurt—an event I thought about attending, but I’ll be too far away to participate—either 48 hours or 3,700 miles, depending if you define “too far” temporally or spatially.

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